$30 Million Opening Weekend – Update!

Forbes and Variety has posted that John Wick: Chapter 2 has made an estimated $30 M during its opening weekend. Actual numbers will be out sometime tomorrow. The film more than doubled the opening weekend haul of John Wick, making it one of the few sequels to accomplish this goal. Additional good news via Forbes for the film:

Along with rave reviews and strong word-of-mouth (an A- from Cinemascore, as opposed to a B for the first one, likely due to playing to fans and a lack of puppy murder), the other good news is that this sequel had the same weekend multiplier (2.6x) as the first film, meaning that it wasn’t additionally front-loaded by virtue of being a sequel and more of a known entity. The film played 64% male, which is the same split as the first film which means that twice as many women showed up to the sequel.

Numbers posted by Box Office Mojo for the weekend:

  • Domestic Box Office – $30,015,000
  • Foreign Box Offece – $10,600,000
  • Worldwide -$40,615,000


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