My American Dream Exhibition

Scene has a post up on the summer exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland. Keith Mayerson’s exhibition, My American Dream, is currently featured there. The following was posted about his work:

Although the works are painted realistically, Mayerson’s interest in comics is evident in both the installation (similar to the panels of a page in a comic book or classic church frescos from the Renaissance), as well as his subject matter, which includes multiple images of Superman and Spider-Man. The exhibition also includes several paintings of LeBron James, from his high school years through last year’s NBA Finals, as well as Charlie Brown, Anne Frank, James Dean, the cast of The Wizard of Oz, the Dalai Lama, the original moon landing, Muhammad Ali, Barbara Streisand, John Lennon and even Neo from The Matrix (Keanu Reeves).

From several video clips that have been posted on instagram, Keanu or his characters appear to be featured in several works.

Many thanks to keithmayerson for sharing a clip on instagram. at the 15 sec mark you can see River Phoenix and Keanu from My Own Private Idaho.

Many thanks to mocacleveland for sharing a clip on instagram. In the prologue, Keanu and his friends are featured. You can see the artist’s painting of a young Keanu at the 13 sec mark.

Many thanks to 5dollarmilkshakes for sharing a photo of Keith Mayerson’s painting from My Own Private Idaho on instagram. Photo is from the exhibition when it was at the Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea in NYC.

Many thanks to kriskrosslee for sharing a photo on instagram. You can see Keith Mayerson’s painting of Neo in the background. Photo is from the exhibition when it was at the Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea in NYC.


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