Casting Calls for John Wick 2?

Many thanks to BG for leaving the info in the forum.

In both Production Weekly and My Entertainment World, John Wick 2 has also been referred to as Spear. Currently in IMDbPro, there are currently no films listed as Spear in production.

JW2_SpearDirect Casting has several ads for extras for Spear. You need to be registered to see the details but the little info that is given, especially the bellmen and Russian workers and thugs, strongly suggests that these casting calls may be for JW2. The list is constantly being added to so the entries will move down the list with time. As a result the links will also change with time. Note, the operative word is SUGGESTS.

They are looking for women that can use sewing machines, currently on page 5.

Spear1They are looking for attractive ethnic girls, currently on page 7.

Spear2They are looking for bellmen with interesting faces, currently on page 13.

spear3They are looking for men of all ethnicities age 20-60 to play undercover special ops types, currently on page 14.

Spear4They are looking for Caucasian males age 18-60 to play Russian workers and thugs, currently on page 14.

Spear5Note: If anyone is registered at the Direct Cast site and can provide additional info on the ads, please send a note to the site.



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