A portrait of Keanu that was taken at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival by Christopher Ferguson is here. Enlarged copy is here. Three portraits by Michael  O’Brien that were taken in 1987 for Life Under Water are here. The photos … More

Old Portraits

Photo posted with an articled on Man of Tai Chi on Times Live appears to be a portrait done by Theo Kingma circa 1997. If I find any others from this series, I’ll update.   (468 views)

Jasin Boland Portrait

Many thanks to Jasin Boland for sharing a portrait of Keanu that he took a ffew years ago on instagram. The photo is in black and white and is stunning. Jasin Boland worked on all three Matrix films. He has … More

Zoe Balthus Portraits

Many thanks to Zoe Balthus for sharing her portraits on twitter. Photos were taken on Aprli 12, 2016 while Keanu was in Paris for the Side by Side press conference for the OCS roll out.   (414 views)

Brad Fulton Portrait

There is a stunning black and white portrait of Keanu Reeves on photographer Brad Fulton’s website. It is approximately 1650 px and is #1 in the portrait gallery. The photo isn’t new but this is the largest version I have … More

Madame Figaro

Many thanks to @grat4ton who tweeted a photo of Keanu’s interview from this week’s issue of Madame Figaro to the site. Marc-Antoine Coulon who did the caricature portrait of Keanu also posted it on websta. (1003 views)