Chuckwalla Track Day

Many thanks to Angel for the youtube tip.

Andy Schwarm posted a video on youtube from the Chuckwalla Track Day that took place on Monday, November 7. Keanu is NOT in the video. The comment that was posted with the video is below.

Monday, 11/7/16 I participated in a VIP track day at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, with the Superbike Corse track day outfit. This video shows first my last lap of the day, then you see an accident that happened early in the day, on the first lap of my second session. Two friends were riding together, enjoying this smooth, fast, awesome track. Then one of them had a heart attack and caused them both to crash. The poor guy was awake when he left the track, that’s about all I know about his condition at this time. I’ll update this after I get more info.

Keanu Reeves was there, don’t know if he was riding, I saw him at lunchtime and he was in civies. Thanks to Billy Hamill for inviting me. Myself and my bud Jeremiah Steele had a blast. I’ll be back to Chuckwalla.


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