Claudia Gerini on Keanu

Film News has posted their short interview with Claudia Gerini. The piece is in Italian. The following was said about John Wick 2  and Keanu (via the google translator):

Unfortunately Stahelski cut scene where you understand that between me and John Wick there was a love relationship, even a harbinger of a pair of children ‘.

The experience has left the 45 year old vibrating with emotion, especially since working with Keanu has proved challenging and ‘unforgettable’.

‘A fantastic experience: Keanu is a great business partner! First, it has a soldierly discipline. He had just arrived in Rome after a long trip and I asked him: “Do you want to rest?” He answered me: “No, now I expect some training now.” It has a lot of discipline and fortitude. Beyond this, it seemed like a loving and kind person, but a lover of solitude. Keanu is one that stands on its own: it is not the type that jumps around the set. He gave me the impression of a private person, who has suffered a lot and that is in its place. just ‘talking.




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