Company Films Opening a China Office & Upcoming Projects

Deadline has posted up with a lot of Company Films (CF) news coming directly from Stephen Hamel. Highlights below.

  • Hamel spent a significant amount of time in Beijing in 2016 and said that CF will be opening an office there soon.
  • On Keanu not taking a producing credit on Passengers, Hammel said that Reeves “had an enormous hand in developing what everyone considers to be one of the best scripts in Hollywood of the past decade.”

News on Upcoming Projects

Rally Car will shoot this summer in China. Synopsis is below:

“The film goes from Shanghai to the Gobi Desert to the Himalayas, featuring China’s most compelling landscapes and most beautiful places to shoot. Keanu plays the star driver, matched with a 19-year old Chinese girl, who’s his copilot. There are Mexican, Chinese, German, Italian and Australian teams and we were in the process of assembling that cast. Reeves will be the sole American in the movie.”

Unmanned is set to be directed by Tim Webber. According to Hammel deals are in the works for a major Chinese studio, U.S. distributor, director and star. The film will shoot on Wanda’s sound stages, and on locations in Hong Kong and Mainland China. It’s a mission movie revolving around human soldiers teamed with the robotic drones that will soon render the human soldiers obsolete.

CF is partnering with Lost In Thailand writer Shu Huan on an untitled Chinese language science fiction film.

CF is partnered with Vice Films on Parischina, a drama about a young Chinese girl and an American man who don’t speak the same language and get stuck together in the middle of nowhere, in China.

Looking For Aladdin is a Chinese language film that will be made with FangJin Media. It is an adventure quest to find the lost lamp of Aladdin.

There are two TV series as well, The Bruce Lee Project and New Shanghai.


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