Dogstar Documentary

Many thanks to Betty for the heads up.

In the past there was talk Dogstar documentary was in the works. Back in June 2012, @StinerBros tweeted about Siriusly Singing Backup and also posted about it on their tumblr page.

The documentary, Dogstar Siriusly Singing Backup, is in the can as of September 23, 2016 according to IMDb. It is in color, has a run time of 82 min and includes footage from the USA and Japan. Keanu Reeves and Rob Mailhouse served as producers while Jess and Wilson Stiner served as directors, cinematographers and editors.The storyline and a screen capture of the filmakers from IMDbPro are below.

Nineties band Dogstar struggles to keep attention on their music despite the world’s obsession with their celebrity bass player, Keanu Reeves.



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