Friday Box Office – Update!

Deadline has a post up on estimated Box Office results on Friday, which includes the preview returns from Thursday. They posted the following about John Wick 2.

Lionsgate/Summit’s John Wick: Chapter 2 is on fire in third, with an estimated $10.9M Friday and a $29.6M weekend, possibly cracking $30M. Currently, that’s more than a 100% spike over the original’s $14.4M first weekend.

Critics aren’t the only ones thrilled by John Wick 2 at 91% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, but audiences had fun too, giving the sequel an A- CinemaScore, over its previous installment’s B.

Addition info on John Wick 2 is below:

…he noted that John Wick was then the third biggest selling electronic sell-through title in Lionsgate history behind Divergent and The Hunger Games: Catching. In total, John Wick over-indexed with an estimated total home entertainment revenue haul of $53M (packaged media & digital combined), which is a rare 122% conversion rate to pic’s domestic box of $43M.

Demographics are below:

Per PostTrak, John Wick 2 received a total positive score of 85% with older men (68% guys, 79% over 25) buying tickets. Seventy-two percent said they’ll definitely recommend the movie to friends. Forty-two percent attended because they enjoy shoot ’em up films, 41% came for Reeves, and 35% said it was part of a franchise they love. What prompted them most to buy tickets? Forty-nine percent said it was the in-theater trailer, 43% said it was because of the TV spots, while 30% said it was the YouTube spots.

Production and advertisement budget is below. The film will need to make 2.5-3x this to be considered a sucess.

John Wick 2 cost before P&A an estimated $40M-plus with one of the prime co-financiers being China’s TIK Films. Lionsgate’s exposure per various industry sources stands at $25M.

Update: Forbes has posted a box office specific piece on John Wick 2 that is a good read.



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