Inde Motorsports Ranch – Update X2!

Many thanks to angelofberlin for the heads up!

Keanu, Gard Hollinger and Ryan Boyd are at the Inde Motorsports Rance in Wilcox, Arizona. From comments on instagram, they were there on February 28 and on March 1. You can visit angelofberlin2000’s tumblr page where she has uploaded the photos and links. the links are also posted below.

Many thanks to Joe LaCroix for sharing his selfie with Keanu as well as a group photo on FB here and here.

Many thanks to Sean Cooke for sharing two photos on FB.

Many thanks to indemotorsportsranch for sharing a group photo on instagram.

Many thanks to misterryanboyd for sharing two photos on instagram here and here.

Update: Many thanks to Breanna Marquez for sharing her selfie with Keanu on FB and to Ayako for tweeting the link.

Update X2: Many thanks to Angelina Marie Ross for sharing four photos on FB and to @Keanutial for tweeting them and the link on twitter. The post has since been removed but you can see them at the twitter link above.



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