John Wick 3 – Japan Set

Many thanks to Ayako for the heads up!

Many thanks to loyaltyisroyalty80 for sharing photos and clips of a set he’s working on on instagram and IG story. The photos that first appeared four days ago were tagged #johnwick3. At the time I didn’t think much of them other than they were clearly building a set. The recent clips that were added to IG story show that Japanese armor has been added to the set. They are here, here and here.

There were rumors by another site that had John Wick 3 filming in Russia, Japan, Spain and other locations. Location shoots are expensive and a budget of $50M only goes so far. We have already seen that the United Palace of the Cultural Arts was decked out to be a Russian theater. Looks like they are building a set to film a Japan scene on.

Note: The photos have been removed from my twitter feed at the request of 87Eleven. The photos that appeared were posted by one of their crew members who was working on the set. Apparently, they did not use non-disclosure forms or didn’t do a good ob of vetting people they hired – take your pick. Either way the end result was the same. Oh, and once on social media, photos have a tendency to continue to get passed along. The photos are still in other twitter and instagram feeds. Just search by tags. It’s not clear if 87Eleven realizes that but that’s not my problem.

As an aside, any photo that appears on social media in an open account at the time the photo appears, will be retweeted/posted with credit to the owner regardless of who it is.


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