Keanu Care

Many thanks to @channabach for tweeting the link!

Ideas on Fire has posted their podcast featuring Mimi Nguyen. During the course of the interview Ms. Nguyen speaks about her drawings of encounters between Keanu Reeves and Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön. The segment pertaining to Keanu occurs from the 12:36 – 13:59 min mark.

Rough Transcript:

Contributed a set of drawings to the kickstarter project that I call Keanu Care. So it’s Keanu’s images of Keanu Reeves that are hopefully recognizable from some of his movies and then they are captioned with things that say not “Just be excellent to each other” that are of course obvious from Bill & Ted but like “Be gentle with yourself” and it’s like a picture of him that I have drawn from River’s Edge and things like that. So Mimi asked me to do them because she knows I have been working on this series of drawings where I’m drawing Americans and Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön who has written a bunch of self-help books into movie scenes from Keanu Reeves’ ouvra and then captioning with either Pema quotes or Keanu quotes because I really feels like they would get along really well in real life weere they to actually know each other. I’ve been working very slowly on this project of drawings of Pema and Keanu in scenes where she’s like in scenes skydiving with him ala Patrick Swayze in Point Break and Mimi who is a friend of mine in life as well has been following this project as well on FB so then she asked me to contribute some drawings to the kicksarter.


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