Keanu Heading to Belgrade?

Many thanks to a Belgrade fan for sending this link to the site!

Večernje Novosti is reporting that Keanu Reeves will be visiting the city and is expected to stay at a hotel in the center of the city. He will be there for 20 days and will be filming at locations in the town and the country side.

At this point there is no way to know how credible the information is. That being said, Večernje Novosti is a local newspaper and not a tabloid. The same article says that Julia Roberts and Demi Moore recently visited the city and that was correct information.

Keanu is either going to show up in Belgrade or he’s not. Time will tell. In the meantime, the fan that sent in the news is checking out other sources and will get back to me if there is additional news. The article is in Bosnian.

I have found another article with more information. Blic is reporting the following: (The article is in Bosnian.)

  • Keanu will arrive in Belgrade at the end of August.
  • He will be in the area for 20 days to shoot a new film whose name and scenario is highly confidential.
  • Agents booked a hotel in the center of the city for Keanu in January.
  • Keanu will be playing the main role and the film will be shot in several locations in Belgrade and possibly on a mountain, Tara, located in western part of Serbia.
  • If the trip to the set is not futher than 3 hr by car,  Keanu wants to be in the hotel in Belgrade.
  • Keanu was provided with basic information about the country.
  • They are reporting that Keanu requested that the room be light with lots of sunshine, that there be a specific mineral water that needs to be imported from the US, and that he’s in contact with as few people as possible.

Note: Information provided by both media outlets with respect to other stars visiting Belgrade have checked out. Time will tell if this is a red herring or legitimate – hence the question mark (?). That being said, the level of detail that was provided in the Blic article gives credence to the report.



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