Keanu Mention by Stuntman Nick McKinless

Karly Rayner has a post up on stuntman Nick McKinless’ AMA for Movie Pilot. McKinless worked on The Matrix and considers working with Keanu Reeves as one of the highlights of his career even though he did not get any screen-time. He said the following about the experience.

You don’t see me really. I rehearsed TONS of the key action and was one of the key riggers for the films. They were long shoots and much of the work was very experimental back then. Ground breaking. A highlight of my career for sure. I was often working with Keanu, putting on his harness and making sure he was safe. Also got on well with Carey Anne Moss, super nice lady!

The piece also includes a video  “16 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Matrix“.


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