Keanu Reeves’ Appearance on on C’è Posta per Te

LaNostra TV has posted a piece on Keanu’s appearance on You Got Mail. It is in Italian but translates well. The hostess Maria De Fillippi started by briefly asking him some questions and then they brought out the three children who requested his help. The google translation is below. No copyright is intended.

You’ve Got Mail does not miss the big guests and this is nothing new. Maria De Filippi is not content, however, the stars of our house, and this is no surprise. So increasingly fishing her jewelry overseas, doing some detour to Hollywood and also bringing in studies Helios international stars and Oscar Awards

E ‘touched the two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn, before and another statuette American Matthew McCauneghey that has captivated audiences after. Not forgetting however guests Italian prestige: actors, singers and sports.

And in this seventh episode of You’ve Got Mail arrived Gigi Buffon and Keanu Reeves for the praises of Maria De Filippi.

But also to the delight of the presenter that, a bit ’embarrassed and excited, welcomed studio Keanu Reeves and has not missed an opportunity to make him his compliments, telling him that he is in love with him watching his films, a true statement love for the actor.

Maria De Filippi also asked Reeves potergli ask some questions, just stupid not to go for not taking advantage of this exciting opportunity. He, of course, agreed, saying that he does not believe at all that it is stupid. First question: what to prefer beer or champagne? Keanu Reeves would choose a beer to relax and chat with friends and champagne to celebrate something. Second question: more willingly eats a hamburger or caviar? And he has no doubts: caviar every now and hamburger when you feel like it, that often.

The small interview of Maria De Filippi went on retracing his career hockey player on the ice. Finally asked Keanu Reeves what moves him and he said he was moved when he has to move away from friends and family to work commitments. I am very sad to say goodbye but when he thinks back is happy, although fears that his return can find the changes. Fear shared by Keanu Reeves in Maria De Filippi, who finished the interview reiterating his respect for him and calling in the studio who wanted to make a surprise.

The Hollywood star was called by three children, Lucia, and Teodoro Antonio, to make a gift to their father, Domenico, widowed just 39 years due to a domestic accident occurred when they were children. The man, as he had to work and could not take care of them, has been forced to put them in an institution not to tear them apart. The lives of three children, also in institute, was happy because the father has ever abandoned. After a few years the man has found a loving woman, Anna, and married her but the three children for the court could not return to his family because Domenico had no money for them to study.

Lucia, Teodoro Antonio and want to tell the father and Anna who should not feel guilty because they could not keep them home with them but that need not be ashamed to ask for their help. They called Keanu Reeves because in some of his beautiful films like A Walk in the Clouds or Sweet November, showed that in life you can have a second chance.

After the children read a letter from Mary, arrived Keanu Reeves to give Domenico and Anna their gifts. The actor has congratulated for their strength and told them that he hopes that one day his children can speak of him as Lucia, Teodoro and Antonio talk about their parents. Before receiving the presents, however, the couple had to make promises to the children, just so Keanu will give her gifts. Domenico and Anna have promised to the children no longer feel guilty, not to neglect their own health and to accept their help. They arrived, so, a sewing machine, a bicycle but, above all, has come a full wallet that Domenico, in tears and at the insistence of Maria De Filippi, has put in his pocket. Because, as it has reassured the hostess, “do not be ashamed to ask for help.”


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    • I posted several articles that tell the story. You will have to use the google translator. I posted the translation in the very first article I posted. The second post on press coverage only has links but it reports much the same story.