Keanu Reeves on itv Lorraine Today

Lorraine has tweeted that Keanu Reeves will be on her show on itv in the UK Thursday, December 12. I am assuming this will be an interview clip from the press junket that was held on Tueday, December 10.

The itv website is showing that Keanu’s segment will air at 9:10 am. They are saying that the show is on their live player here. itv has geoblocking on but at the very least the episode will be able to be viewed once it is posted by those in the UK. Hopefully someone will grab the clip and post it on youtube .


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4 thoughts on “Keanu Reeves on itv Lorraine Today

  1. just watched it! was short but sweet! 🙂

    yes just to let everyone know the clip was on at 8.55 am and should be up on the itv player site tomorrow as it is a catch up site! 🙂

  2. hello chief , excuses me for distrurbing you, but i know you do not like rumors, i have to speak to you on keanuru , there is one last interwiew at the end of the interwiew keanu talking feeling, i do not speak english sorry; could you translate for me if you like, what he says, i thanks you very much….with keanuru beacause it is always full of insinuating and beatiful things not written keanu i trust you to you thanks you very much chef

    thank you your understanting

    • In the future, I’d appreciate it if you do not bring issues from that site over here. I am really busy tonight, but I will do my best to get a transcript of the Flaa interview posted that you can read with the google translator in your language.

      You are welcome to send me an email. You can use the ‘contact button’ in the side menu bar.

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