Keanu Reeves Narrates The Film Prayer -Update!

TIFF posted a clip from The FIlm Prayer which Keanu Reeves narrated on youtube. The following was posted with the clip.

Keanu Reeves lends his voice to TIFF’s poetic short film based on “The Film Prayer”, to help raise public awareness around TIFF’s film preservation efforts. “The Film Prayer” is a cautionary tale for projectionists which is said to have been written by A.P. Hollis in 1920. This storied document was made available to all non-theatrical film distributors to promote better handling of film and could be found inside film cans for many years.

TIFF is raising vital funds to support our acquisition of incredible 35mm film prints. A diverse collection of acclaimed homegrown and international cinema, these prints are now being revised,
frame-by-frame, by our staff, then stored and archived with the utmost care. But in order to do this, we need the public’s support.

Help “Save This Moment” – visit:

Update: Broadway World has a write-up on this short. The following quote by Keanu was included in the write-up.

“I love film and am honoured, grateful to TIFF for including me in their important efforts to preserve, project? and support this extraordinary medium”.


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