Keanu Reeves – Whiskey A Go Go 1994 – Update!

Many thanks to E.L. Woody for sharing a video clip of Keanu Reeves outside of Whiskey A Go Go after a Dogstar show in 1994 on FB and to Ayako for tweeting the link. The following comment was posted with the clip:

 Keanu has a band so one night we caught him on the Sunset Strip in front of the Whiskey A go go and got great footage. He has always been nice. — with Keanu Reeves.

Note: It took the clip a while to spool on Frefox. It played much better in Safari, at least on my desktop.

Update: Special thanks to @keanulatino who found and posted the video first yesterday earlier in the evening. Due to time constraints, I was only following the ‘Keanu Reeves’ stream on twitter last night and missed it. Apologies to @keanulatino.


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