Keanu & Romagna Cuisine

Censa Today has posted a full account from the owners of the two restaurants, Osteria dei Golosi and Cucinadimare, that Keanu visited in Cesenatico on Saturday. The article is in Italian and translates well. Highlights are below.

  • Keanu invited Flavio Fabbri, owner of Osteria dei Golosi, to cook for him in America.
  • Keanu arrived at Osteria dei Golosi aaround 12:45 with a friend (Gard Hollinger).
  • He ordered fresh antipasti including marinated anchovies marinated in Sangiovese, followed by spaghetti and fried local fishe, pickets and trellets.
  • He prayed several times, drunk Pignoletto and coffee.
  • Keanu stayed until 3pm and enjoyed talking to the owner who invited him to his wife’s restaurant  in the evening.
  • Keanu arrived at Cucinadimare at 10:30pm with four friends.
  • They started off with an appetizer of steamed cod with Mediterranean beef, steamed cuttlefish with chickpeas, fried sardines, followed by the cook’s lasagne and several fish that were dried and baked. The meal finished with dark ganache, milk with stawberry sauce, whiskey ice cream with biscuits, grape and apple tarts accompanied by Passitio di Pantelleria.
  • Sonya (owner ofCuccinadimare) said Keanu signed over 300 autographs including popping up during his meal to do it and stayed very calm – a really nice person.


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