Keanu’s Twitter Q&A – Finished!

You can follow Keanu’s Twitter Q&A here. Questions and links to responses are below.

  • What is your favorite scene from the film? Response
  • What kind of training and preparations you’ve done for the movie? Response
  • Is it hard doing your own stunts? Response
  • Does pineapple go on pizza? Response
  • What was it like reuniting with Laurence Fishburne? Response
  • Do you think John Wick likes cats? Do you like cats?Response
  • Did you get to choose the dog for John Wick 2? He’s so cute! Response
  • When reading a script, do you explore more with your character or focus on the plot/story first? Response
  • What did u usually do after a John Wick training? I read that after The Matrix one you were taking ice baths. Response
  • Do you slay everyone at paintball? Response
  • What was the best thing about getting to play John Wick again? Response
  • Does John Wick likes heavy metal? Response
  • Would John Wick take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill? Response
  • Was there a particular stunt or action sequence in that actually made you nervous? Response
  • Wrap up comment by Keanu.


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