Kung Fu Man to Get Released

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Mtime is reporting that Kung Fu Man starring Chen Hu will be released. They posted a poster and a trailer. Extracted with google and bing translators and smoothed over. No copyright infringement is intended.

This morning there was a creative meeting in Shanghai to discuss Kung Fu Man. Directors Ning Ying and Yuen Cheung Yan, stars Chen Hu and Jiang Menglie and producer Li Xiaowan attended the meeting. Executive producer of the film Keanu Reeves attended by teleconference from Beijing. The story is about a Kung Fu Man, played by Chen Hu, who is a Chinese superhero in the eyes of the children and is involved in all kinds of action. While talking about the film Ning Ying said the film was suitable for family viewing.

Kung Fu Man is an original story that was inspired by the writer’s son. He (the writer) said: “It was his intention to protect a child’s dream. Foreign children have a superheros to save them at critical moments of danger, so he wanted to have a Chinese superhero to give Chinese children hope.” In talking about the different Western heroes, Chen Hu said: “Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Iron Man all need outside help. For China’s Superman (Kung Fu Man ?) all of his power comes from within. Every Chinese person can become Superman.”

Ning Ying has directed such films as Fun, Police Story, and Summer Warm. He was in charge of turnig this film into a jewel with Yuen Cheung Yan famous for Cantonese operatic art. This was her first commercial film and she originally conceived it to be a Chinese version of Home Alone. (There is a small chunk of text here that I can’t make heads or tails of.) Due to the associated market risks, she cobbled together a western and traditional mix. She said her children saw the film and they liked the primitive look of the film.

Chen Hu is the new generation of Hong Kong action star. He was an important member of Yuen Woo-Ping’s team serving as a stuntman (?) and martial arts instructor for Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. Chen Hu is the star of  Tai Chi Man directed by Keanu Reeves and of Kung Fu Man produced by Keanu Reeves. In Kung Fu Man, Chen Hu’s actions are performed with no special effects. He pays tribute to the old-school martial arts film. He said it was not difficult to make an action film. He said the challenge was in just being an actor and producer Keanu Reeves gave him some advice on that. He said that abroad, he is recognized by the single name ‘Tiger’. He’s humble and cannot compare to his predecessors such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

It is reported that Kung Fu Man, by the China Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinghong Film Investment Co., Ltd jointly produced American KFM, Yinrun exclusive distribution media, will be released on July 19.

You can read the article and view the trailer here.


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