Legal Dispute Surround The Deal

Deadline has a post up on a legal dispute involving Ari Lerner and Keanu Reeves. In short Lerner claims that Keanu Reeves walked away from the movie The Detail which was supposed to film October 14 thru December in South Africa. Lerner moved ahead and started pre-development, apparently based on a verbal agreement that Lerner claims happened and Reeves lawyer, Scott Sims disputes saying:

 “We did not have a closed deal, and there were several material open deal points. Casting contingency was one of the open deal points so every deal point was not agreed upon, and we did not have signed paperwork. We did not have a verbal agreement on this film.”

Make of it what you will. I pose this question, who in the hell hires crew and actively begins pre-development on a film without having signed contracts from the starring cast.


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