Lily Amirpour on The Bad Batch

LA Weekly has posted a Lily Amirpour and The Bad Batch. It’s a good read.

She said the following about recruiting Keanu to play The Dream:

“Keanu came over to my house, and I had gotten this airbrush artist to put a picture of him with long hair on this shirt, and it said, ‘The Dream.’ And I’m thinking, I’m just gonna wear it when he comes over. And then he’s minutes away, and I’m like, ‘Oh, this is kind of aggressive,'” she laughs. So she took it off. “He came in and he’s so humble and kind and gentle and benevolent. We talk about this character, and it’s crazy for him to play, but he’s excited.”

An hour later, after they’d been drinking wine, Reeves assured Amirpour that if she wanted to go in a different direction and find someone else for the part, he would understand with no hard feelings.

“I was like, ‘Dude, you wanna understand how fully my commitment to you is?’ I went and got the shirt, brought it out, and then he put it on.” Amirpour’s eyes widen as she tells the story, and then she brags, “I have an awesome picture of him wearing that shirt.”

She said the following about Keanu’s scene in Slab City:

“When he made that speech, all the shit you hear from the crowd, there was no direction. They were like, ‘Yeah!’ because these people are outcasts, a little like the bad batch,” Amirpour says. “I remember just tripping out — these people in this town right now, where nothing happens, a dried-up tiny thing, have Keanu Reeves on a boom box giving this amazing speech. That was a special fucking night.”


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