Movement on John Wick 3 – Working Title is Alpha Cop – Update!

John Wick: Chapter 3 was listed in this week’s issue of Production Weekly. I’m not paying $75/mo to subscript to them so I have no idea what the detailed listing contains. That being said, in the past once something gets a mention in Production Weekly, info starts to appear in other trade papers. From the entry (see below), the working title for the film is Alpha Cop. Will update if I see anything else.

“John Wick: Chapter 3” (w/t “Alpha Cop”)

Update: Considering the branding that goes along with “John Wick” it is hard to imagine that JW will not find its way into the film’s final title. If you recall, the working title for John Wick 2 was Spear. The first casting calls went out for Spear to try and keep the film under the radar and it didn’t work out too well. Also the time from the first time the working title appeared for John Wick 2 to the time the first casting calls appeared for the shoot was 18 days (from post here).


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