On the Ground in Valencia – Update X3!

Keanu is in Valencia for an Arch Motorcycle track day at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo.

Many thanks to @ for sharing two photos of Keanu at the track with Nico Terol on twitter here and here. The same photos were posted on instagram by both jnicolascollado and the Circuit Valencia here and here.

The photos has been posted by multiple media outlets in Valencia. Marca reports that when Keanu was at this track in November for the ValenciaGP, he wanted to test/ride his bikes on the track and reserved the track for the current track day. He is riding and getting advice from Nico Terol. The article seems to indicate that Keanu also wants to shoot on the track. The articles are in Spanish.

El Motor and Culture Plaza have similar posts up.

Update: Many thanks to Nico Terol for sharing two photos on instagram and another photo on IG story. The photo from IG story is in the site twitter feed. To view IG story, you need an app for your cell phone or you can load the extension in the Chrome browser.

Update X2: Many thanks to circuitvalencia for sharing a short clip of Keanu on the track on instagram.

Update X3: Many thanks to https://www.atlanticimages.uk/ for sharing three clips on IG story and to Ayako for the heads up. The first clip is of Keanu at dinner on Sunday. The other two are of Keanu at the track, on in the garage and the other on the track. Clips are in the site twitter feed.

Circuit Valencia has a post up with four new photos of Keanu.


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