Photos from Social Media – December 22, 2017 – Update!

Many thanks to hill1811 for sharing eight photos from the Arch party in Rancho Mirage on instagram. Keanu is in three of them.

Many thanks to rococoroco for sharing her grandmother’s selfie with Keanu on instagram and to @keanuital for sharing tweeting the link. The photo has since been removed from instagram but you can see it here.

Update: Many thanks to @keanulatino for tweeting the links to the following photos.

  • Many thanks to Robert Barnett for sharing his photo with Keanu on FB. The photo was taken at the premiere of Sparhusen on October 7, 2009 at the Egyptian theater. You will need to flip through the photos.
  • Many thanks to Easy to Assemble for sharing two photos from the Sparhusen premiere on FB. You will have to flip through the photos.
  • Many thanks to Jesus Fernando Espada Moreira for sharing his selfie on FB. The photo was posted on January 28, 2014. I think the photo was taken during the Uruguay trip for Carl Rinsch’s wedding.


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