The REEVESolution: A Keanu Reeves Mystery Marathon

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is having a Keanu Reeves mystery marathon at their Austin, TX location for those who are in the area and are interested. It is January 28, 2018 beginning at 10:00am CT. the following is posted on their site.


NOUN – (“key-ah-noo”)  “the cool breeze” from Hawaiian “ke,” a definite article and “anu” meaning “coolness.”
By very definition, Keanu Reeves is the “coolness.” The man has been melting our hearts, dazzling our eyes, and blowing our minds for more than 30 years. He’s blasted down highways, traveled through time, merged with the source code, and even faced down the Devil himself…on multiple occasions. Though he never looks too pleased when parked on a bench, Keanu Reeves is the enduring constant of what a human can and should be—and that is why we have chosen to celebrate him with THE REEVESOLUTION.

THE REEVESOLUTION is an epic ALL-DAY marathon filled with FIVE mystery 35mm films all starring and celebrating the glory that is Keanu Reeves. We’ll have an assortment of Keanu 35mm trailers playing before each feature, specialty Keanu pre-show,  menu specials, and perhaps even a surprise or two. This 10+ hour journey into the work of Keanu Reeves is not for the faint of heart. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sit in awe as the splendored, faultless, chiseled face of a Hawaiian born man refuses to age as we mega dose on Keanu through the ages.

“Energy can’t be created or destroyed, and energy flows. It must be in a direction, with some kind of internal, emotive, spiritual direction. It must have some effect somewhere.” – Keanu Reeves


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