Round Up – The Bad Batch


The Bad Batch site has a list of theaters and the date the film will screen. You can buy tickets for many of the teaters on the site.

The IFC Center in NYC will host a Q & A with Ana Lily Amirpour and Suki Waterhouse following the screening of The Bad Batch on opening night (June 23). For those in NYC who are interested, details are here.


Ana Lily Amirpour and Suki Waterhouse will appear on the Build Series to discuss The Bad Batch on Wednesday, June 21 at 4pm EDT. For those who are interested in attending or watching the live streaming, go here.

Keanu Reeves will appear on Jimmy Fallon on Friday, June 23. The Jimmy Fallon show posts clips from their show on their site and on their youtube channel.

Interviews, etc.

WBEZ91.5Chicago has posted a podcast of their sit down interview with Ana Lily Amirpour. It was a good listen. Near the end she talks about some of her favorite Keanu performances.

The A.V. Club has posted their interview with Ana Lily Amirpour.

The Playlist’s Joe and Eric discuss The Beguiled and The Bad Batch in their podcast.


Many thanks to lilyinapad for sharing her photo with Suki and Keanu at the after party on instagram.


Mixcloud has posted The Bad Batch soundtrack. It may be geoblocked.


Kristy Puchko reviewed The Bad Batch for the Nerdist and gave the film 4.5/5 burritos. She summed up with the following:

Ultimately, The Bad Batch is challenging, unnerving, and even hilarious in whip-smart bursts. It’s a drama with its tongue planted firmly in cheek, and it’s comedy firmly sticking up a proud middle finger. It’s strange and surreal, grotesque and glorious. And It follows a deeply flawed, recklessly rebellious, and unapologetically passionate young woman through a treacherous terrain of the damned.

Matt Prazak reviewed The Bad Batch for Get Reel Movies and gave the film 8/10 stars. He said the following about Keanu:

… in one of his best roles in recent years, Keanu Reeves plays The Dream. The cult leader of the Comfort compound, Reeves is clearly having a lot of fun as the Elvis ripoff. Though we love him as John Wick, its nice to see him playing around in the independent circuit with films like The Neon Demon and The Bad Batch. With his supporters surrounding him, The Dream delivers a great monologue which ends up being one of the most memorable parts of the film.

He said the following about the film:

The Bad Batch doesn’t do anything new with its story, but the film has many technical achievements to be proud of. The camera moves effortlessly and captures the dour location brilliantly.

…The film is enhanced thanks to a soundtrack of electronic beats that play well with the neon glow that litters the screen throughout. Thanks to a credible cast, Reeves in particular, the film mixes black comedy with gruesome horror seamlessly.

Mulderville has posted their review of The Bad Batch. The review is in French.


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