Round Up from the Internet – February 9, 2018 – Update!

Den of Geek has a post up on ‘Movie Stars Who Have Only DIrected One Movie’. Keanu’s directorial debut, Man of Tai Chi was included in the list. They said the following about it.

…Reeves’ love of martial arts certainly shone through the final cut, and the general consensus was that it was a good, assured feature debut, with a proper physicality to it.

The film wasn’t a massive success (it didn’t recoup its $25m production budget on its theatrical run), but neither did it lack impact. Most agreed that it was a solid, welcome start to Reeves’ directorial career. Just one that he hasn’t chosen to follow up on yet…

Many thanks to barby1208 for sharing her throwback selfie with Keanu on instagram.

Many thanks to  for sharing his selfie with Keanu on instagram. From tags it appears to have been taken at the NAMM SHow in Long Beach in 2000.

Many thanks to Mustangs in Movies & Media for sharing a photo of Keanu with a Mustang on FB and to @Keanuital for the heads up.

Many thanks to Mustangs in Movies & Media who also shared an album of 19 photos from John Wick 2 on FB.

Many thanks to mmyrthil1 for sharing a clip of Keanu as he was leaving the Kelly Live stage on instagram. He was there to promote John Wick 2 on February 2, 2017.

Update: Many thanks to ro_b________ for sharing a short clip of Keanu from  the San Remo festival on instagram.


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