Round-Up from the Intertubes

FIRST LOOK FEATURES has posted a video clip on youtube from the red carpet of The Neon Demon premiere in Los Angeles. Keanu’s interview begins at the 2:14 mark.

Many thanks to purecreation_ for sharing a photo on instagram and to Ayako for the heads up. the photo is a flshback to Dogstar days. has posted that Cliff Martinez will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award this year at the Soundtrack_Cologne conference. In announcing the awrd they said the following:

“Cliff Martinez’s talent is to contribute a very specific atmospheric frequency to movies through sound. Most recently this worked beautifully on Nicolas Winding Refn’s aesthetic masterpiece The Neon Demon. Martinez’s music adds to the visual level and his sound therefore becomes part of the narrative. His next-level electronic film scoring doesn’t make you miss the orchestra, but makes you experience a new and different quality”.

And from yesterday, many thanks to stevendasz for sharing a photo on instagram that was taken during Man of Tai Chi shoot.



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