Round Up from the Intertubes – January 14, 2018

Many thanks to paolograndi74 for sharing his selfie with Keanu in Milan on instagram.

Many thanks to TraciLordsNews for sharing a photo from Swedish Dicks on twitter along with a note that season 2 of the Dicks will be on PopTV in 2018.

Many thanks to Iwanttobefunnytoo for sharing her photo with Keanu on reddit and to @Keanuital for tweeting the link.. The photo was taken at a hockey rink 15 years ago.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Hollywood is cracking down on tour buses and is trying to keep them from going to celebrities homes. The following was said about Keanu:

Personal injury attorney and Hills resident Bob Mansell is among the many fed up with intrusions from star-gazers, including one wee-hours inquiry. “At 2 a.m., somebody rings my doorbell,” he says. “And it’s two 18-year-old girls asking if Keanu Reeves is home. They were told he lived there by a tour guide.”

Gloria has a report along with several photos from the Madeo outing. The photos are HQs.



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