Round Up from the Intertubes – March 4, 2017 – Update!

Entertainment has a post up on movies playing this week. They said the following in their John Wick 2 section:

Keanu Reeves is like a haunted (and largely speechless) ronin living by the 21st-century code of the samurai.

But it’s Reeves, with his natty suits and icy stare, who grabs you by the throat — figuratively and literally. Killing is John Wick’s business…and business is good.

Many thanks to rosslsboss for sharing a photo of keanu and Laurence Fisburne on The Matrix set on instagram. the photo is not new but there may be some who have not seen it before.

Many thanks to smoothrubin for sharing her selfie with Keanu at ComicCon on instagram.

Update: Many thanks to photographer Derek Gardner who saved photos from his shoot at Arch on intagram here, here, here and here.

Many thanks to gearsracingusa for sharing a photo of Keanu on a Grom on instagram. I’m assuming the photo is from the latest track day at Inde.



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