Round Up from the Intertubes – March 9, 2017

Many thanks to to Fabrice Dall-Anese for sharing his portrait of Keanu on instagram. The pht0o was taken at SUndance and is in the March 9 issue of Rolling Stone Italia. The same photo also appeared here.

Many thanks to misq66 for sharing a photo of Keanu at the Wireless Festival in June 2006 on instagram.

Many thanks to Rue Parisienne for sharing her selfie on FB and to @keanulatino for tweeting the link. The photo was posted on January 23, 2016.

Many thanks to the Za Piece Restaurant for sharing six photos on FB and to @keanulatino for tweeting the link. The photos were taken during Keanu’s visit to the restaurant in November 2012 while he was in Poland for Camerimage.


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