Round Up from the Intertubes – May 29

Many thanks to guard1981 for sharing a photo on websta of Keanu arriving at Inchon Airport in South Korea back in January 2015 for the John Wick premiere.

Many thanks to @DrawingKeanu for sharing her/his drawing of Keanu from Johnny Mnemonic on twitter. Drawing Keanu draws characters from Keanu’s films.

Choice and Truth has a blog post up that revisits two videos of Keanu talking about the deeper meaning behind The Matrix and the books he read to prepare for the film. The books are also listed in the short article. Neither video is new but walks down memory lane are nice.

Cracked has a post up on famous actors who were tricked into making bad movies. Keanu is on the list along with a rehash of The Watcher fiasco. For those new to fandom and not familiar with the details, you can rad them at the link.

Mark Hinchcliffe has a post up on MotorbikeWriter. According to the article, Arch Motorcycle is currently working on a second motorcycle model. The piece includes the “Journey” clip that was posted in yesterday’s round up and several photos.


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