Round Up from the Intertubes – November 21, 2017

Many thanks to amir_madadiii for sharing a clip of his encounter with Keanu in Los Angeles on instagram. He says hi to everyone in Iran.

Many thanks to wouan for sharing her clip of Keanu at the Palais de tokyo on youtube.

Motorcycle News has a post up on the new Arch models that were debuted at EICMA. The article includes two photos from the Arch Motorcycle reception at Dolce & Gabbana Martini Bar.

Many thanks to kiaflues for sharing her selfie with Keanu at San Tommaso on instagram.

Many thanks to missnickylopez for sharing her selfie with Keanu on instagram. The photo was taken at the ValenciaGP.

Many thanks to Luca Pucci for sharing his short clip wth Keanu at EICMA on youtube.

Rolling Stone Italy posted a sjort piece on ArchMotorcycle alog with a clip of their interview with Keanu and Gard Hollinger at the EICMA.



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