Round Up from the Intertubes – October 12, 2017 – Update!


Twin Cities Pioneer Press has a post up on local artist Richard Hubal and his hockey-themed mural in South St. Paul that pays homage to the game and the city’s hometown stars. He added a few Hollywood stars sitting in the stands including Keanu Reeves since he played the sport in high school. Photo below.

The Eastern Daily Press has a post up on how Philip K. Dick stories/books continue to inspire filmmakers. Keanu Reeves and A Scanner Darkly scored a mention.

Social Media

Many thanks to @FestLumiere for sharing a 1 min video of Keanu at the festival in 2014 on twitter.

Many thanks to mlchristy29_ for sharing a short clip from NYCC on instagram.

Many thanks to Battle Rifle Company for sharing 4 photos of Keanu training for John Wick 2 in 2015 on FB. This is a repost.

Many thanks to dna_autographs for sharing his selfie with Keanu on instagram. Looks like it was taken at LAX on October 7.

Update: Many thanks to vonkaromanov for sharing a photo on instagram. No additional info was posted but it looks like photo was taken during NYCC.



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