Siberia Shoot in Winnipeg

ChrisD is reporting that Siberia will be filmed in Winnipeg this spring. The film shoot in Winnipeg is scheduled for six week. According to the report, the shoot will also takes crews to Russia. It is not clear from the wording, if scenes with the cast will actually be filmed in Russia or if crews will be going their for background footage.

Local casting calls for those with strong Russianspeaking skills and performers will begin soon.

The following script info was given:

Reeves will play an American diamond trader in Russia trying to unload blue diamonds of dubious origin.

The film follows Reeves as he develops an obsession over a Russian cafe owner, while finding himself entrenched in the risky world of the diamond trade that he’s unable to escape.

Note: The Rally Car shoot was supposed to start in early summer so it is not clear if the Siberia shoot will have any impact on Rally Car‘s start date.


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