Swedish Dicks – Keanu Mention – Update!

Dome has a short piece up on Swedish Dicks along with all 3 teaser trailers and a gallery of photos (Keanu is not in any). Up until now we have known that Peter Stormare is an ex- stuntman and Keanu plays Tex, his stunt buddy. The article is in Finnish and the translation a bit rough but it provides some context on the characters.

The first season revolves around Ingmar (Peter Stormare), who is a former stuntman and is now trying to make a career as a private investigator. He is trying to take his pathetic life in a new direction when he meets Axel (Johan Glans), who has failed at being a DJ. Together, they set up a private investigator office. The Swedish Dicks try to solve some of the strangest cases in LA. Ingmar’s past begins to haunt the murder mystery he is trying to solve, when his old colleague, stuntman-Tex (Keanu Reeves), steps into the picture.

Note: I tried to smooth over the translation and hopefully I didn’t mangle the article’s intent too badly.

Update: EBData ran a similar article on Swedis Dicks and the Danish translated much better.

Viaplays first original series Swedish Dicks, created by The Viking Brothers, Andrew Lowery and Peter Settman, is a comedy which takes place in Los Angeles. The first season is about Ingmar (Peter Stormare), a former stuntman who is now trying to survive as a private detective. His somewhat miserable life takes a turn when he meets Axel (Johan Glans), a former and not very successful DJ. Together they start a private detective agency Swedish Dicks, where they take care of some of the strangest cases in LA. When Ingmars past suddenly catches up with them, they must solve a murder mystery concerning Ingmars former stunt colleague Tex (Keanu Reeves).


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