Thumbsucker & Keanu Mention

In a review for 20th Century Women directed by Mike Mills for Fox5, Josh Board said the following about Thumbsucker and Keanu Reeves:

When his first movie Thumbsucker came out 12 years ago, I was such a fan, that it made me engage with strangers in line at the Hillcrest Landmark. A couple behind me argued over whether to see Capote or Thumbsucker. The man said, “It’s a stupid title, and Philip Seymour Hoffman is getting praise for playing Truman Capote.”

I turned around and said, “I’m a movie critic. I’ve seen both films. Yes, Hoffman will probably win the Oscar for playing Capote, but it’s not all that interesting. Thumbsucker is a terrific story, and…”

I was interrupted by his wife saying, “…And Keanu Reeves in it!”

Usually that would’ve been enough to sink a movie for me, but even he was great in it.


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