TIFF 1988 Flashback

Many thanks to voguehommes for sharing a photo of Keanu Reeves at TIFF in 1988 on instagram. The photo appeared in an article, ’12 clichés de célébrités à nu devant l’objectif de Chris Buck’ in Vogue Hommes. Keanu’s photo is here.

Another article featuring photographs by Chris Buck, ‘Cult Icons As You’ve Never Seen Them Before’ was posted in Mr. Porter and includes this photo of Keanu. The following was posted in the first part of the article:

For instance, this shot of Mr Keanu Reeves (below), all floppy hair and untoned tum, shows him lifting his shirt and showing the toothy smile that made him. It was taken at the 1988 Toronto International Film Festival when The Matrix was more than a decade away and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was still in development. “He was the most handsome man on the planet at the time,” says Mr Buck. “Irresistible to men and women.”

Later in the article, Chris Buck’s comments were included about specific photos. He said the following about the shot of Keanu:

“Keanu was sitting with a reporter at a hotel rooftop lounge during the Toronto International Film Festival. I approached him and asked, ‘Can I take your picture?’ His manner was a little like that of his character in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but sharper. ‘I don’t know why you’d want to, but sure, yeah. Let me just finish this.’ So he finished his interview, and I took him around the side of the building where the lighting was better, and we started shooting. He had a turtleneck sweater on, and I said, ‘Pull it up, like that James Dean picture.’ I was referring to Phil Stern’s iconic portrait of Dean, where he’s got his black sweater up over his mouth and nose. He pulled it up and, when he did so, I saw the scar [the result of a motorbike crash]. I said, ‘Show me your scar again,’ and he grabbed his shirt and pulled it up high, laughing, and that’s how I shot it.”



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