Wrap Up – John Wick 2 Premiere Tokyo


Screen Online has posted a clip of 33 min of footage of Keanu and Chad at the premiere yesterday on youtube.

Maidigitv has posted a second clip from the premiere on youtube.

GL A has posted a clip of the presentation of flowers at the premiere to Keanu and Chad on youtube.


Cinema Today has posted a gallery of 12 photos.

Cinemaniera has posted a gallery of 18 photos.

Eigland has a gallery of decent sized photos.

Movie Collection has posted a gallery of 8 photos.

IGN has a post up with photos.

Social Media

Many thanks to anne_suhag for sharing many photos and clips on instagram. Her instagram feed is here.

Many thanks to sasamako for sharing a photo on instagram.

Many thanks to ko_ikoi for sharing 3 photos on instagram.

Many thanks to @johnwickjp for sharing a photo from behind the scenes of the premiere on twitter.




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