X Artists’ Books LA Magazine Piece

Thanks to @1stResponseLA for the heads up on twitter.

Los Angeles Magazine has a posted their interview with Alexanfra Grant and Kranu Reves about their publishing company, X Artists’ Books. Some quotes from the interview are below.

“I do have a fairly entrepreneurial aspect. That first manifested itself with producing. So this to me feels a little like that.” -KR

“We learned from that. Creatively, we wanted to work with other people and give them opportunity.” -KR on working with Steidl

“I have this memory of being at Steidl. And that world has a lot in common with the production world of film in that there’s a lot of waiting, waiting, waiting. But there was this moment there when Keanu, who is Canadian, said, ‘We’re going to show them some American can-do!’” -AG

High Winds is rock-and-roll, baby!” – KR on one of their company’s titles


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