Zeit Magazin – Update!

Many thanks to Ayako for tweeting the link.

Zeit Magazin has posted their interview with Keanu along with a blackand white photo by  Lottermann und Fuentes.  It’s in German and translate well with the google translator. He talks about growing up without his birth father, hurting others in his younger years, his custom Arch and starting the company, his nightmares, his own death as well as the death of others close to him and his dreams of his loved one who have died.

Note: There is no way to verify the interview. None of the statements are presented as direct quotes by Keanu. I find it hard to believe he talked about such personal things. Unless something else surfaces that verifies the interview, I’m viewing it as highly suspect.

Update: Many thanks to photographers Lottermann and Fluentes for sharing another photo of Keanu and Alexandra on their tumblr page.

Many thanks to lottermannfluentes for sharing a photo of Keanu and Alexandra on instagram. Photo was posted on November 11, 2017. Photo appears to have been taken on November 9 at the Shadows exhibition at the Galerie Gravida in Paris.



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