Social Media Abusers


Alert! is on instagram as Mr_R_News_Blog and twitter as @mr_reeves_blog. I own the domain name and the website, and have not given anyone permission to use my site link on any social media platforms. Imposters using my site link are trying to give themselves credibility in their attempts to scam fans out of their money. Keanu is NOT on any social media platforms and he has not hired anyone to solicit money from fans on his behalf.

FB imposter co-opting my twitter name: @keanuCharlesreeves0807

Twitter imposter co-opting my twitter name: @KeanuReevesblo3

IG imposter co-opting my IG name: @mr_r_newsblog, @mr_keanu_rnewsblog, @mr_keanu_r_news_blog

IG imposter co-opting my website: @stano992 (Mara Stano also has multiple accts) reeves.neo_, keanureeves2020


Photos from Babelsberg

Many thanks to ptr_ldmnn for sharing two photos on instagram. Photos are of Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu’s trailers on the one of the Babelsberg lots. Keanu’s trailer is labeled Neo/Thomas Anderson and Moss’ trailer is labeled Trinity/Tiffany. (1110 views)

Who Is Johnny Silver Hand

Game Rant has a post of of Cyberpunk 2077. They take a look at Keanu’s character, Johnny Silverhand. They give his backstory and how he fits into the story. You can read the details at the link. (259 views)