Katy’s Fan Encounter

Katy left a full account of her encounter with Keanu at the Fantastic Fest John Wick Gala in the forum and given her permission to post it here.

Hello all!
I posted a blurb on one of the homepage topics about my encounter with Mr. Reeves but figured I’d write it here in more detail!  I still can’t believe that actually happened by the way lol!

When it was released that John Wick was coming to Fantastic Fest I knew I had to take a chance at either standing somewhere where I could see Keanu or standing in the stand by ticket line to try to get into the movie.  I debated over it and decided to go for trying to see him since the movie is coming out next month and I could always see it then. Anyways I went to work as usual and went over and hung out on South Lamar blvd at starbucks after work then made my way over to the theatre a little before 7.  Not much was in the lobby in terms of media at that time…there were a bunch of volunteers milling around and some badged movie goers (I think I was the only one in there without a badge lol) and I just started chatting with volunteers..telling them what I was doing there and my mission.  I asked one of the people working the festival if there was any chance of a fan line Keanu would walk through and he said no, there isn’t anything like that here and I proceeded to ask where he comes in and he said “I cant tell you that” haha he was nice though and he was just doing his job.  So decided to just kind of stand around in the lobby and hope they didnt kick me out as I was told there was a chance they would do that for crowd control when people were entering theatres and whatnot.

Media was starting to set up sometime after 7 and I started talking to some of them and made my way up this barrier area (not OVER it..just up to the front of it lol) as it was closer to everything while still allowing me to be in an area I was allowed in lol.  The directors came out and did the press line first and I recognized Chad right off the bat.  They seemed to be out there by themselves for a little before Adrianne Palicki came out and started interviews.  Then I knew Keanu had to be next at some point!

I was starting to get nervous excited…felt like my legs were shaking as I knew he’d be appearing soon!  Then being sneaky like he is, I look over to my left and he’s there!  He was meeting the reporter in the wheelchair (his picture with Keanu is in our gallery..I cant remember his name!) and then it was my turn!  I stood there, did not move towards him (as far as I remember..its like things go slow motion and get hazy somewhat at this point because KEANU REEVES IS WALKING TOWARDS YOU hahah) and held up my copy of Ode to Happiness and had this silly fan girl excited grin on my face and he came right over! I knew he would like seeing Ode to Happiness and I was right! Cheryl was right there and handed him a sharpie even though I had one..she probably figured my fingers would not work at this point very well lol.  He said “where do you want me to sign it?” and I said “you can sign it where ever you want, it’s your book!” and he said in his cute way “no, its your book!” *melts* I said somewhere in this time that “it makes me smile (the book)” and that I went to school in Buffalo when he was filming Henry’s Crime (just to say SOMETHING) lol he said “oh yeah?” or something along those lines.  Then he gave me my book back and stood there!  I wouldve figured at that point Cheryl or someone would be moving him along but he just stood there near me and it gave me a chance to look at him and get out of my mouth: “Im such a big fan” putting my hand towards my mouth like he always does (funny how that Keanu mannerism came at that moment HA) and he smiled, probably somewhat amused at how happy I was lol.  Then I asked if I could get a picture and he said yes.  I turned towards some of the media people I had talked to before he came out and figured I could maybe ask afterwards to send them to me..this worked out well so I didnt have to fumble around with my cell phone and waste time handing it to someone to take a semi good quality picture. We stood there for a few moments as they snapped away and I said thank you (and of course my OCD mind is thinking omg you said thank you right Katy!? But I always say thank you so Im sure I did! It’s the effect of Keanu…its like you go on autopilot!)  and he went and started his media line.

I stood there just thinking OMG that actually happened!? I called my parents at home to tell them and I started crying (yes I started crying I was so happy lol), they were so excited for me lol.  I watched him and snapped pictures over the media and some video and just couldnt believe how amazing the whole thing went.

Then when he was done I figured, well I might as well take a shot at standing in the stand by line! If I get in great, if not its ok! so I went outside the theatre where they said stand by people wait and there werent too too many luckily.. the worker started counting off people to go to a theatre (it was playing in 4 different ones) and I was saying pleaseee pleaseee haha and luckily he made it to us and told us to go to one of the theatres..SCORE.  I don’t know how this all happened..the stars aligned that night.  So I call home again like a dork and say I got in to the movie! and the reply I got was “you’re on the internet! Your picture is on the internet with Keanu!” and my sister sent me the IMDB photo lol.

The movie was great… I was very attentive watching it but at the same time the “meeting Keanu brain” was still there lol.  The audience really enjoyed it and we all laughed a good amount as well..they put some really well timed humor in it and Keanu’s performance was really great.  I really want to see it again!  It’s playing Tuesday at noon but I dont know if I could swing that with work lol.  I’ll just be patient and wait til October lol.

Overall it was definitely one of the best nights of my life if not THE best lol…I had a few Keanu sighting misses in the past (well technically I “saw” him at Henrys Crime but not like this) and was wondering if it would ever happen and wondered if it ever did if it would be great or really quick and not special..luckily it was GREAT and special…it wasn’t in a line of fans pushing up against each other throwing matrix dvds in his face, he wasn’t furiously signing away and doing quick selfie pictures with people…he was just there in the moment and gave me a really great one :)  and I’m so happy and thankful for that…I moved from upstate NY in May to come here and have been under alot of stress with work, my ridiculous commute, trying to sublet and find another apartment closer to work, and being homesick at times but I know that I was meant to be there in THAT moment….and I was so glad I was.

p.s. he smelled good too!  and he signed his name in my book and wrote an “X” and from that Q&A from Ode to Happiness he did someone had asked why there was a printed “X” in the back of the book…he said it was meant to be a “kiss” so I thought that was cute