Leah Posluns Theatre School Performances

Many thanks to @keanulatinos who found the first photo below and link! They sent me a message asking about it. It looked like an early photo from Toronto. Sheila Johnston mentions that Keanu appeared in the Leah Poslun’s Theatre School production of  For Adults Only in the first chapter of her book, Keanu. At the time of his tenure, Rose Dubin was the director of the school. Rose Dubin has posted photos on her website from some of the school’s performances including a photo of the playbill for For Adults Only as well as two photos featuring Keanu in Romeo & Juliet (he played Mercutio). You can visit her site to see the other photos.

Keanu’s performance in For Adults Only led talent agent Tracy Moore, who was in the audience for one of the shows, to sign him.  In the book, Ms. Moore says:

‘I sent him out on a lot of casting calls for commercials, just to get him started. And every time he went out he seemed to get something. He was a sure sell in a way. He was always extremely intense – he took his work very seriously. At times he drove me crazy, but he had a direction in his head and he went for it.

…He really got into every role, even for something as simple as a commercial.  [Johnston, Shelia, Keanu; Ch. 1, The Man in the Mickey Mouse Suit, pg 20 -21; Macmillan Publishers Ltd, 1996]