Option Auto Magazine Interview

Many thanks to reader SC who translated the article and shared it with the site!

Accessible. welcoming. Simply normal: who would think that the Elected of The Matrix and the partner of Patrick Swayze in Point Break can be so nice, especially when it comes to sharing his passion for two- and four-wheeled engines? We had the chance to spend 24h with a planetary star who keeps his feet firmly anchored in reality

IAM – Your first car?

KCR – A sedan Volvo 122 of 1969 coloured British racing green.

IAM – First auto memory?

KCR – I have many. Without a doubt the Toronto/Los Angeles (4.053 km) in one shot in 1985 to try my chance in Hollywood.

IAM – A road trip through the United States for a week, where did u go and in which car?

KCR – The west coast from north to south aboard my 996 Carrera 4.

IAM – What is the option that u cannot go without in a car?

KCR – A good manual.

IAM – An ideal playlist for a car ride?

KCR – I definitely listen to The Clash, the Ramones, Robert Johnson, Joy Division. Also blues, Coltrane. It’s a good start with a ballad, no?

IAM – On the road, what behaviors make you crazy?

KCR – Slow people.

IAM – What do u drive on a daily basis?

KCR – On 2 wheels, I use an Arch KRGT1. Car, I have a 991 steam of 2013.

IAM – You drive a Porsche but what would you choose from Audi, Ferrari, AMG and others?

KCR – The new Audi RB, without hesitation, which doesn’t betray its sportivity. And its V10 steam.

IAM – What are your passions?

KCR – My travels, my friends and of course everything that affects Arch Motorcycles.

IAM – What are the roles that u were never offered but have a place in your heart?

KCR – I always wanted to play Macbeth.

IAM – What cult role would you have liked to incarnate?

KCR – I’d have really adored to play Hans Solo in Star Wars saga.

IAM – how did you decide to launch Arch?

KCR -I  always dreamt to create the proper engine cause I love passing the time on a motorbike. When I finally met someone who knew how to draw and design a motorcycle (Gard Hollinger, his associate, who admits that Keanu infected him with the passion), I took the leap.

IAM – In what way, the motorbike you have imagined, is so special?

KCR – It is a performance cruiser: a two-liter bicylinder that has been endowed with real sportsmanship. Its classic style remains typically American but we use for its manufacture only pieces and equipment at the forefront of technology.

IAM – How much time it takes for its development?

KCR – Between the first design and the very first prototype, almost four years passed and three more for the industrialized version to be operational.

IAM – Why did you choose Michelin tires?

KCR – We tried most of the market on our prototypes to denominate those which allow to send in a straight line, like all the large customs US, but also to open wide, on the angle while preserving a real stability . Mounting the Commander 2 has enabled us to achieve this balance and thus fully exploit the dynamism of frames of the Arch Motorcycle by combining precision and agility.

IAM -For you, what is happiness?

KCR- Have a good job, enjoy family and friends, share a good meal by being well surrounded (like here) and ride motorcycle.

IAM – What to expect from the actor Keanu Reeves?

KCR – That they’ll continue trusting me with good roles and the public (spectators) will appreciate them.

IAM – What to expect from the man Keanu Reeves?

KCR -To remain creative in my job and the design of Arch motos. And love, above all.