Quotes by Keanu: 1991-1993

Green, T., Keanu Reeves’ Artisitic Adventures., USA Today (US), July 18, 1991

  • “Did you expect to find me in a gutter with a bottle of wine and a whore?”

Vincent, M., Raising Keanu., The Virginian-Pilot (US), July 23, 1991

  • “Shakespeare is the greatest. The top rung of being an actor is when they can handle Shakespeare.”
  • “I never leave any of my characters behind. They’ll always be with me, once I play them.”

Unreich, R., Keanu’s Just a Happy Hippy., Dolly (AUS), Oct 1991

  • “I’m not really good with control being assumed over me. Like when people tried to tell me where I could go and what I could do, it infuriated me. When I don’t feel free, I react in a really strong way.”
  • “I don’t want to become a Hollywood product machine. I’m not interested in being the main guy on the screen – I love playing little parts.”
  • “I don’t go to many parties. I don’t get invited to much, man. I’m a homebody.

Heath, C., Most Excellent., The Face (UK), Dec 1991

  • “I’m a meathead. I can’t help it, man. You’ve got smart people and you’ve got dumb people.”
  • “I’m a middle-class white boy… a bourgeois middle-class white boy with an absent father, a strong-willed mother, and two beautiful younger sisters.”
  • “I’m the worst bass player in the whole world, Chris. I have no rhythm.”

 Author unknow, Keanu Reeves, I’m Gnarly., TV Hits (UK), July 1992

  • “I saw a lot of plays with my stepfather when I was younger and the theatre became my first love. There you’re really performing, You’re a real actor, not some meat puppet.”
  • “He’s very intelligent and he has a lot of insight and I kind of rode his wave sometimes. River’s a heavy actor… man, he’s the best.”

Hayward, J., Keanu Reeves, His Excellent Adventure., Movie (AUS), July 1992

  • “I’m just in the bell curve of humanity, cruising along where I should be.”
  • (On MOPI) “It’s a dark, European-style drama, and I’m proud of it. I only have so much time, so I might as well throw myself into the fire. Roles like that make you think about things.”
  • “I always tell my agent, look, if it’s a good part in a small film, show it to me, don’t be scared.”
  • “Hell, sometimes I look at those old posters of Bill and Ted and I feel, ‘I hope this doesn’t blind other directors from wanting to work with me’. I know there is this danger that people are going to sort of see me as this Ted guy, but hey, it’s just a part I did.”
  • “The kind of person I am in my real life? Let’s see, man, do you really want to know? OK. I guess who I am depends on the day. I don’t really know what my essence is.”
  • “It’s a radical experience, man. I was going along doing OK, then suddenly I pass this number and I start thinking, ‘I’m going to die one day.’ I start looking at my mother in a different way. I start thinking: ‘What’s important? Who am I? Why am I here?’ It was so weird, like I woke up one day with a different mindset. I wish I still had the other one.”
  • (On women) “They are amazing, aren’t they? They can go places, do things, seem to have powers that men don’t have. I love them.”

Rebello, S., Donin’ Time on Planet Keanu., Movieline (US), Nov 1992

  • “I like to be free and unfettered. I like the option of being able to do anything and go anywhere, anytime.”
  • (On what is a good time) “Lying in bed with my lover, riding my bike, sports, happy times with my friends, conversation, learning, the earth, dirt, a beautiful repast with friends, family with wine and glorious food and happy tidings and energy and zest and lust for life. I like being in the desert, in nature, being in extraordinary spaces in nature, high in a tree or in the dirt, hanging out with my family, my sisters.” 
  • “Hopefully people will, through relationships and things that I involve myself in, look back fondly and have a love for what I did.”
  • “I’m sorry, man. My existence is not very noble or sublime.”

 McCellan, J.,Taming of the Dude., The Face (UK), Sep 1993

  • “I think it’s better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven’t.”