Quotes by Keanu: 1994

Capriati, C., Cool Breeze., For Women (UK), Jan 1, 1994

  • “I don’t have a particular taste. I mean, I’m not looking for a redhead or something. It’s not, like, ‘Oh, she’s got to be out there doing this particular thing’. I actually don’t think there’s anything that I don’t like about women.”
  • “I’m not the best dressed man in town. As long as my clothes are clean and they fit, I put them on.”
  • “I don’t wanna live a stupid life. I’m going to, I know I’m doomed, I’m just a dog. But I’m trying to shake the dog, y’know?”

Ritz, D., Cool or Not?, Sunday Times Magazine (UK), May 1994

  • “My passion for acting always felt more physical and emotional than mental. From the start I tried to take my characters home, stay in their skin, lose myself in their imprint.”

McKenna, K., Keanu’s Eccentric Adventure., Los Angeles Times (US), June 1994

  • “I dreamed about bread and cheese when I was fasting and had fantasies of pouring wine on my head while I rolled naked in the dirt. The appetites I quelled — not vanquished, but quelled — returned with a vengeance when I quit fasting too. My desire for chocolate was ferocious.

Willistein, P., Keanu Reeves Now On Action Hero Fast track., The Morning Call (US), June 1994

  • “I always wanted to learn how to dance. I like the tradition of dancing from Fred Astaire. I always, since a kid, found myself jumping around, waiting for buses at bus stops, kind of dancing and twirling. And so that was one element. And I need to find some more grace for my acting, physical grace.”
  • “I’m a very physical actor in that I enjoy using my body.”

Vincent, M., Keanu Reeves, California Dude is New Action Heo., The Virginian Pilot (US), June 1994

  • (On River’s death) “It hasn’t changed my life, but it changed the way I see life.”
  • “I don’t play the power game. I don’t know what it’s all about. Money is important, though. I have certain responsibilities. You hear of these huge salaries, but out of $1 million, I only clear $400,000.”

Stoynoff, N., A Most Excellent Enigma., People (US),  July 11 1994

  • “I don’t want to be superfamous, man. That would be awful.”

O’Toole, L., Speed Kills., Shake (NZ), Aug 1994

  • “I’ve just been through so many years and experiences, I guess – and they’ve worn on my back. Maybe it’s just time. I’m getting older, I’m 29 and I turn 30 this year. No I haven’t been struck by that yet. 30….”
  • “I’ve known some incredible women but I’ve never come close to marriage. I’ve never proposed and I’ve never been proposed to…”
  • “Actually I’m thinking of coming back as a cat. That way at least I’ll have nine lives. No – it’s basically the same in 1994. I have worked on not leading a stupid life but I’m still doomed. I’m trying though.
  • “I still haven’t arrived. That’s just a cliched way of saying I don’t have the maturity yet and I’m working on my career as an auteur. I wouldn’t project that aura that someone like Robert de Niro has. I’m still learning, I’m still figuring it out.”
  • “I don’t do many causes, I’m not out on the streets helping to feed the homeless. I get to a few charities, but at least in my own small world I have become totally sensitised to other people’s pain. And I have become more patient.”

Smart, J., Much Ado About Keanu., Syndicted (US), Aug 1994

  • “I hate that term, ‘sex symbol’. I don’t think I’m a sex symbol and I don’t think I look like one either.”
  • “I think everyone has an inner core they protect. I don’t think I’m any different really.”
  • “This is great,’ because I wanted to do a romance, a project that concerned itself with the heart and the nature of passion and sensuality.”
  • “It’s hard having a relationship when you’re working and moving around so much.”

Raso, A. M., I’m Just the Boy Next Door., Just Seventeen (UK), Sept 1994

  • “I live a pretty normal life. I live in an average-sized house, own only one car and try to stay as ‘normal’ as possible. My only vice is collecting hundreds of pairs of jeans, some of which are in total tatters and should be thrown out – but is that so weird?”
  • “The qualities I look for most are patience, a good sense of humour, warmth and intelligence. And I like a woman to understand my line of work, the fact that I’m away most of the time – although if she doesn’t, I can still care about her.”

Pearce, G., Speed King!, News of the World (UK), Sept 25, 1994

  • “I play bass for a folk band called Dog Star. I like to study, take ballroom dancing lessons and horseback ride. I love looking at the ocean or the desert, hiking in the mountains and I work on my Shakespeare. Vices? Well, I like to drink red wine. But I never took refuge in it.”
  • “I haven’t always been so clean-living myself. I have experimented with some drugs and drink, but never as a lifestyle. That’s the difference. It’s not in my nature to get hooked on anything, so I’ve come away from all of that.”
  • “My mother is a remarkable person. She is a great spirit and a large personality. I wish I had her taste. She left England looking for a better life. My sisters and I were constantly fed culture and art. We were not rich financially, but we were rich in many other ways.”
  • “But if I have one person to confide in, it’s Josh Richmond. He’s an actor, writer and director who was in one of my early films, River’s Edge, eight years ago, and has been a friend since. We discuss the larger questions of life.”
  • “I worked with weights to get the body tight and did gymnastics and trampoline work. I now have a centre of gravity. You know when you put your socks on in the morning and you are hopping around the bedroom? After I did gym classes, my socks went on right away. Zoom! Zoom! Without moving.”

Clode, S., Kool as Keanu, Idols (Aus),  around  Oct 1994

  • “I’m comfortable with women, and I do like sex! But it’s hard.”

Rynning, R., Up to Speed., Film Review (UK), Oct 1994

  • “But I like my life when I’m working. It makes sense.”
  • “The first two weeks after I’ve wrapped a movie, I’m out in space. I can’t speak about anything. All my life has been work and my work isn’t like carrying bricks up a staircase, it’s emotional life.”
  • “I’m fairly vain but I’m trying to keep it under control. There isn’t really an impulse to let it go out of control.”