Quotes by Keanu: 1995

Bernard, E. J., Super Kool Keanu, Live & Kicking (UK), Apr 1995

  • “I don’t go in caves because I’m afraid of the dark!”

Pugh, C., Keanu’s Excellent Adventure., Houston Chronicle (US), July 1995

  • “I’m getting to see a lot of America and drink free beer. It’s la dolce vita.

Lipworth, E. Keanu on Cloude 9, TV Week (Aus) July 1995

  • “I can walk the streets and live my life, you know. I’m not a prisoner of the successes I’ve had. I have a normal life. I can go out to restaurants, of course I can.”

Stack, P., Keanu Walks in the CLouds., San Francisco Chronicle (US), July 1995

  • “I think I know why they say I’m detached. They say it because sometimes I’m beyond acting, and into the reality of the moment. In the movies they always want the hero overplayed with that big jolt of the dramatic, the theatrical. But say you took a guy in real life and looked hard at the reality of him. A guy faced with the most devastating circumstances is often the coolest guy around. He looks detached, but his whole being might be on fire.”
  • “I don’t try to be mysterious or anything. I just don’t have a lot to say about the obvious everyday stuff.”
  • “I come from a broken home. I had no choice about it, and I’m not necessarily in favor of it. I’ve heard of families staying together for the good of the kids, but that wasn’t my situation.”
  • “I don’t lead the life of a celebrity. I don’t hang around with anybody famous. In fact, I don’t hang around much at all, except with a few friends, and guys in my band where I’m just trying to play the bass. I appreciate people who have seen my acting and like it, because I’m really just an actor geek.”
  • “I’m a physical type of actor, and I realize it. But I’m not afraid to try anything. I think sometimes in films they don’t want actors to take real risks that might complicate the image they are hoping will sell a few more tickets. I like to show my insecurities, but I find more often than not they cut them. A hero with doubts, who brings real life to the screen, well, maybe they’re not sure they want such a person.”

Shnayerson, M., The WIld One. Keanu Reeves on Sex, Hollywood and Life on the Run., Vanity Fair (US), Aug 1995

  • “Half-sentences, half-utterances searching in the past, / grappling, groping, never last. / In my body, in my heart, and in my mind, / but not on my tongue! / And so my song remains unsung.” (When asked who wrote that) “I just made it up.”
  • “I’ve never played stupid to keep someone distant. I don’t play stupid. Either it’s been a failure on my part to articulate, or my naivete, or ingenuousness, or sometimes it’s the nature of the form…. And you know, I find myself more able to give an explanation of a project five years later than in the middle of it. It’s so present-tense! I can tell you how I feel, but its context is harder to explain…. Sometimes when I’m interviewed I’m not ready to do that. So you say … *excellent*! And you know what, man? It’s O.K.”
  • (On what does he do with his money) “It affords one a certain amount of freedom and travel, and I can buy older Bordeaux. I can afford my two Nortons, which is akin to sending a child to a middle-expensive university in the U.S. But the travel is great.”
  • “Maybe it’s because I’m a Virgo; it’s in my sign to be hard on myself.”
  • “Well, I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being gay, so to deny it is to make a judgment.”
  • “I’m Mickey [Mouse]. They don’t know who’s inside the suit.”

Lee, L., Keanu Reeves Denies Those Tabloid Rumors., The Toronto Star (Ca), Aug 1995

  • “You know you’re in love depending on how you feel. It depends on how old you are and the state of your relationship and there are different kinds of love.”

Longsdorf, A.,A Walk with Keanu., The Morning Call (US), Aug 1995

  • “Actually, I sing one song. It’s called ‘Isabelle.’ And it goes something like this: ‘Isabelle is a girl/Isabelle loves her world/You can tell by the way she smiles/Cutest girl by a country mile/Isabelle.’ ” (When asked who Isabelle is) “A friend of mine’s 3-year-old. The first verse is always the same, but the second and third verses change every night because I sing about what she was doing the last time I saw her.”

Pearlman, C., Keanu Reeves Grows Up–A Little Bit., Chicago Sun-Times (US), Aug 1995

  • “I’m a gypsy. I’m a bohemian. I don’t want a home because I don’t want roots. Roots are so messy.”
  • (On souvenir from Hamlet) “I travel around with a hundred-pound golden sword. It’s actually a good-luck charm.”

Shulgasser, B., Much Ado About Keanu Reeves., San Francisco Examiner (US), Aug 1995

  • “I remember when I first began. I got such pure pleasure in the act of pretending to be someone else. It’s like the freedom one experiences when kissing or making love or running, the pure joy of physicality but with something happening in the mind as well. It’s so raw and unconscious, and for a Virgo that’s very rare.”

Koltnow, B., Romantic Notions., The Orange County Register (US), Aug 1995

  • “I don’t want to be a movie star. I want to be a working actor. I want to be a successful working actor who is allowed to have a private life. I want to be someone who can move around in this world without being followed and watched.”

Jays, D., Head in the Clouds., Attitude (UK), Sep 1995

  • (ON what he looks for in a part) “It’s really the script and the part and then who’s working on it. It’s about what you can find and what comes your way. One of the new things is that I really have the opportunity maybe to create, which is new for me – in the sense that if I had something I was interested in, if I could find a book or a story, I could get a writer hired and I could develop it. I haven’t had time in the last couple of years to really take advantage of that but I hope to in the future.”
  • “I have to admit to feeling like the critics’s whipping boy. You know what? It used to bug me, but now, being a Virgo, digging the masochism, I kind of like it. I think it’s funny.”

Dawson, J., How Much Is a Pint of Milk?, Empire (UK), Oct 1995

  • “Romance is giving joy to someone you love, and giving them something you know they love as well. A moment’s gesture, giving your love, giving your feeling. The romance is the specialness of the moment and the event and the gesture.”
  • (On what he takes with him) “Seven T-shirts, seven pairs of socks, seven underwears, three pairs of pants, one suit and a jacket. Running shoes, my hat, boots, and a couple of books.”
  • (His favorite sandwiches) “I have a couple: a toasted baguette with peanut butter and apricot jam with really cold white wine. Mmmmm. Philadelphia steak sandwich is really good. Oh, and a really good Italian sausage sandwich. But then you can’t beat toasted Swiss and tomato with a little mustard on. Ooooooh, or Black forest ham with German black bread. Oh my god, and coleslaw and Swiss cheese with Russian dressing.”
  • (His favorite joke) “Little Red Riding Hood was about to go to her granny’s house and her mother says, “Here, take this gun, in case the big bad wolf comes to eat yer.” So she’s walking to her granny’s house and the big bad wolf jumps out in front of her and says, “Show me your titties.” And Little Red Riding Hood pulls out her gun and says, “No, motherfucker, you’re going to eat me just like the story goes…”

Carbury, C., Keanu Dig It?, U Magazine (IRL), Oct 1995

  • “But I’m not always a good man. I’m only human, I can also be a rat! Everybody has their dark sides.”
  • (Does it hurt not to be close to his father) “I don’t know if it hurts anymore but it did in the past and I can’t forget that. The experience of what I felt as a young child is very much who I am today. Very much so. I live with that every day of my life.”
  • “There’s also the quest to do something with my life so that I can feel proud of myself and not feel like the rejected child. A lot of what being an actor is about is proving yourself for similar reasons.”
  • “I like to be alone. But I also like to be among people. When I’m in the right mood.”

Author unknown, Why I Won’t Get Married., Woman’s Own (UK), Oct 1995

  • (On whether anyone has gotten close) “Sure, a little bit. For a short time. But I don’t lead a rock ‘n’ roll existence, and women are hard to meet.”
  • (On marriage) “And I’ve got nowhere near. I have friends who’ve made the leap but it’s not for me. I don’t put a time on things but I expect to be single for quite a while yet.”
  • (On marriage) “My parents split up when I was young and I’ve seen nothing to recommend marriage.”
  • “I’m frightened by the image of a ‘star’. I love the work, but I’m uncomfortable with fame.”
  • “I don’t like being the center of attention. But it’s getting increasingly difficult not to be noticed. The prospect of it getting worse fills me with dread.”
  • “I’ll be escaping the dangers of marriage until later. On that you have my word.”